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Customs Brokerage

is to provide full services as a Customs Broker, as well as all customs clearances, on following up legislation, determining which legislation will affect which sectors and notifying  customers for the related legislation, fulfilling feasibility works before transactions, analysis on integration of ERP, etc. Devamı

Import and Export

Code Customs Consultancy, executes import and export operations of its customers with its expert and experienced staff coordinated with control&legislation department and all transactions are accomplished fast and impeccably.

Project & Incentive Consultancy

Customs Clearances Companies prepare projects in accordance with requirements of the companies operating in Turkey or  entering into the market new and provide to make an application to the related authorities and obtain documents.

25-year knowledge, background, experience…

Code Customs Consultancy Inc. Co. , has been succeeded in customs brokerage companies, as a stakeholder of Customs Brokerage profession being as an important circle of the supply chain process where the 25-year experience is synthesised via the vision of knowledge era.


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