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Reliable , people oriented services …

Code Customs Consultancy Inc. Co. , has been established in 2018 in Sisli as a stakeholder of Customs Brokerage profession being as an important circle of the supply chain process where the 25-year experience is synthesised via the vision of knowledge era.

The Corporation offers services under the laws of Republic of Turkey on the motto of being a respected stakeholder among professionals, being reliable in supply chain, having solid grasp of legislation, protecting the interests and legal obligations of its customers.

CODE, aiming to bring a different point of view to its sector, will make announcements through corporate web page, social media and other broadcasting organs about the applications and investments executing within this scope.

The reason of evaluation for human resource, namely, qualified service as a most important second factor immediately afterwards the compliance with the laws, sine qua non of our sector, is that we are an organization being aware that Human Resource, where a happy and fair working environment is ensured, is the most important motivation of Customer Satisfaction.


CODE determines the parameters of Ethics& Compliance, Qualified Service and Fair Competition which are the most important figures of Customs Brokerage Organization, as a main element of service pyramid with its own definition and accomplished its structuring in this direction.

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