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Customs Brokerage

Gümrük Müşavirliği

The core element of our profession which is “Consultancy” no more means just to import and export property but also means to provide;

  • Legislation follow-up
  • Informing customers about which legislation will effect which sectors,
  • Completing feasibility studies before the process,
  • Detecting legislation means that fits customer’s structure, 
  • Periodic supervision and reporting services,
  • KPI Measurements,
  • ERP Integration Analysis,

And many more competencies in a whole integrated process. 

CODE is the sole indicator of evolution in this prominent profession which has started its journey as “Customs Brokerage” in our country and evolved into Customs Consultancy which is the most important link of Supply Chain.

Within this context CODE made its utmost aim to provide whole and complete Consultancy to its customers and be a solution partner rather than a supplier. 

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