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Code Gümrük Müşavirliği İhracat

CODE Customs Consultancy Inc. Co., conducts coordinately export transactions of its customers via its experienced and specialised export department authorities and control & legislation unit.

During export process, transaction standard is defined and perpetuated at the beginining of the process by making the customer representative identification with SOP to be prepared upon the survey of customer business manner and expectations.

VEDOP tracking of all issued export declarations are managed by CODE export team and reported to the customers periodically and the declarations of which actual export are finalized, are delivered to our customers.

As a result of the studies concerning export declarations issued in accordance with the agreements to which Turkey is a party, issuance and approval of movement certificates, if available, are executed by CODE export department authorities.

CODE team provide services by taking account of the importance of time in awareness that the export is one of the most important trade elements in international trade and in care of our country. Process analysis are performed as in all transactions, in export transactions as well with breakdowns and the performance is reported transparently.

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