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We, as CODE, execute our transactions in accordance with the values indicated in our Guidelines. We provide the highest standards to our employees, environment, to customers and consumers we offer services and to all our shareholders.The following guidelines and policies, declarations and standards define what we expect from ourselves and our business partners and how we work veraciously all around the world.

Labour Policy

Our most important resources are our employees. All working hours, workman’s compensation, equality in opportunities, human rights and working conditions should be in accordance with all laws and regulations in force. In order to provide that CODE is in line with coherent policies in working and employment applications, a range of global guidelines shall be established and put into force.

Within the Labour Policy of CODE, employment of young workers under the age of 18 shall not be allowed to be employed. Provisions of the 138th Article of ILO Convention shall be applied.

Environmental Policy

CODE prefers environment-friendly and cost effective applications for protection of environment and natural resources, making reasonable prices sustainable and reducing the costs and improves his employees and shareholders with this conscious.

Policies on Protection of Personal Data

Great importance is attached to protect by being aware of privacy of the information in CODE against all the parties sharing their confidential information. Our customers, stakeholders, employees and visitors to our website and everyone carrying on business with us rely on us in accordance with our commitments to protect their personal data and they expect. For any reason, the data entered into the registration of CODE, without any written consent of the concerned party, shall not be used for any purpose and the mentioned data shall be kept under the protection of the corporate policy of CODE.

Service Policy

CODE has determined the minimum standards in the measurable criteria aiming to give services under the service policy in order to continuously develop the service quality with its competent staff having full knowledge of the current legislation and equipped with planned training.

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